Cheer Jingle Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 1988. We have always provided the best products, professional technology dedicated service and long-term operation, and serve these as the belief to run our business.

The early phases of this company began with coin counter motor and machinery parts. Our high quality products were widely applied by various important companies. In 1999, we began to engage in software designs and hardware equipment development and manufacturing of all sorts of arcade machines, and have in recent years gathered a brilliant research and development team as well as various technologies; we have developed arcade software of the best quality. We have also developed systems such as a vocalized system for decoding and filing, expense accounts to provide our customers with consistent and complete service.

Our company recently centers on Mario arcade machines, pin-ball machines, 7PK, coin-pushing machines, and basketball machines as our main production categories; in the future, we will continue to develop medium to large-scale machines to suit the market.